Perfect Weekend For A Movie


Rainy days are perfect for a trip to the movie theater, but this year it has been difficult to get excited about what is playing.  After much debate, it may finally be time to see Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice.  I am not very excited about the new theme of superheroes battling one another, such as Batman v Superman or Captain America v Iron Man, but, after seeing Deadpool, I would pay good money to see Batman, Superman, Iron Man and Wonder Woman teach that snarky Deadpool a lesson.

The other option is to stay home, in what is now turning into a cold and snowy weekend, and watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens again.  Please let me know if you have any movie recommendations to help break me out of my movie slump. I hope you’re enjoying better weather and have a good weekend.

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  1. In the superhero vein, if you have Netflix, I would recommend checking out Daredevil series. On a whim one night when I was brain dead, I did and have gotten sucked into it. Because it is a series they have time to flesh out the characters beyond two-dimensions (in between fight scenes and such) and for me at least I think they do.

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    1. I noticed earlier tonight when looking for a movie on Netflix that season two was available for Daredevil and wondered why I have not tried watching the series. Especially since I just finished struggling through the latest season of House of Cards. Thanks for the recommendation and I hope to watch an episode this weekend, unless I get hooked and then I have been known to lose an entire afternoon.

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  2. plaidcamper says:

    Maybe the weather will pick up? If not, another view of The Force Awakens would be good, and I’ll echo the previous comment; The Daredevil on Netflix was pretty involving, as was Jessica Jones…
    Anyway, whatever you end up doing, have a great weekend!

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    1. I have lost complete faith in my weather apps, but so far it looks like we may have great weather next weekend. After two Daredevil recommendations, I plan on watching the series this weekend. I think Batman v Superman is getting postponed in favor of Ant-Man and Star Wars. Enjoy your weekend.


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