“I Dwell in Possibility”

Emily Dickinson

14 Replies to “Possibilities”

    1. I also enjoy her poetry. I have been an avid reader my entire life, but for years struggled with poetry until I took a course on the Romantic poets. William Wordsworth remains a favorite and I have been amazed at all the wonderful poetry blogs.

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      1. it gets better all the time. I tried watching How to get away with murder but somehow lost interest and could not finish even the first trip. then was hooked by Happy Valley, a BBC thriller, very well acted, moving and gripping. Hopkins was a Jesuit priest so there is a lot of religious power in his poems and some kind of very difficult mixture of wording or something and yet he moves you! He suffered from severe depression so one poem about this inner darkness is very powerful. searing.


      2. I will have to give Happy Valley another try. I started it once, but never got back to it. After your comments, I downloaded a book of poetry by Hopkins and I prefer Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal (the early seasons) over How To Get Away With Murder.


      3. I have yet to try Grey’s Anatomy but Scandal seemed nice, the bits I saw of it. I am a big CSI fan so I first rush to see all three of them! Now I am seeing The Returned which is rather nice, originally a French series.

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      4. its gripping and promises to become very chilling according to reviews I am waiting for the comedies to show up – The Office especially. I am still new to Netflix so am not sure if they have them

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