Trust Me, I’m Just As Surprised As You

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In the midst of a sun-filled day chasing butterflies, a chance encounter with this little guy surprised both of us and gave me a moment’s pause. While the dragonfly was gracious enough to pose for a photo, the photographer was not as gracious and was questioning how this became the shot of the day.  As we stared at one another thoughts turned to what happened to shots of Lake Michigan waves and sunsets; or trips to capture owls, mountains, and foreign lands; and all the photo opportunities in a month-long dream vacation to Europe during the Tour de France and British Open? The spell was broken when the dragonfly flew away, the dreams quietly faded from the photographer’s eye and hands slowly lifted the camera to search for the next shot in the reality of today.

8 Replies to “Trust Me, I’m Just As Surprised As You”

    1. I’m still hoping that dream trip happens someday, but in the meantime I will be watching the great race from home starting on July 2nd and marveling at how they ride that distance in those conditions. I am really quite happy now to find bike routes with the least amount of hills and no longer feel guilty about it.


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