“I love Italian food, are you going to invite me in for lasagna?”


“Quit begging, I am not going to do the Caddyshack dance!”

“Hate to be a critic, but I think this deck needs to be stained.”

“It’s starting to get a little wild and crowded out here, I think it’s time for a no vacancy sign!”

13 Replies to “Nature’s Musings At The Deck”

    1. Thank you. We never quite know who will be hanging out in our yard. Usually everything is very peaceful, but lately the heat and humidity has made everyone a little cranky. My Yorkie has made it clear she does not appreciate the squirrels and woodchuck laying on the deck, the birds are tired of sharing the birdseed with the deer and being chased by the hawk and everyone is in agreement that the skunk needs to find a new place to hang out.

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    1. My Yorkie is definitely not impressed and, of course, the woodchuck’s entrance to under the deck can be seen perfectly from the door she looks out of and we have to immediately go outside so she can show everyone who’s in charge around here.

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