Nature’s Musings When You Have A Cold

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Drink Fluids


Drink Plenty Of Fluids

DSC_1739 HDR

Drink Fluids And Rest


Don’t Stick Your Tongue Out, You Should Cover Your Mouth When You Have A Cold


It’s Ok To Be Pissed Off When You Have A Cold 


Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Enjoying The Outdoors Soon

18 Replies to “Nature’s Musings When You Have A Cold”

    1. Summer really is over. The kids here do not go back to school until next week, but I am blaming all the the little kids running around the concession stand when we went to see Hell or High Water for this cold. Glad you enjoyed the post and I am starting to feel better.


      1. Teachers are back, students start next week – it’s a gentle process!
        I really enjoyed Hell or High Water, Jeff Bridges can do no wrong (although I haven’t seen Seventh Son!), and I liked the slow burn and humour in the movie. Probably won’t move to West Texas any time soon…

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      2. Good luck with the back to school transition. The movie was not my choice, but I was willing to give it a try because of Jeff Bridges and was very surprised at how good the movie was. I knew I would like watching Bridges, but the teaming of Chris Pine and Ben Foster was much better than I expected.


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