Do I Look Like I Need The Bird Whisperer?

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I’ve always admired free spirits and those that march to the beat of a different drummer, but after recent bird encounters I am beginning to wonder if a bird whisperer is necessary for some of the free spirits soaring around.  First, we have the neighborhood hawk who has decided to join the squirrels for part of the day under the bird feeder.  Then we have the body surfing seagull who wants to spend his days riding the waves and a duck fascinated with making his own waves.  The cormorants are being entertained by an egret that likes to show off her latest catch and another egret appears to think that the best spot to scratch her neck is high up in the trees.

While us free spirits respect the individuality of each other, something may have to be done because my free-spirited Yorkie, Gabby, is refusing to come out from behind the tree until someone deals with the hawk.


11 Replies to “Do I Look Like I Need The Bird Whisperer?”

    1. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed this. Gabby briefly emerged from behind the tree, but after taking her outside at night and seeing two bats circling the house and finding the hawk on top of the bird feeder this morning, we are now both hiding behind the trees.


    1. Thank you! The unpredictable pattern continued today when we went outside and discovered the hawk on top of the bird feeder. Maybe the hawk decided after watching the birds, woodchuck and squirrels enjoy themselves at the bird feeder all summer to join the party. While the squirrels seem fine with this new behavior, the same cannot be said for Gabby and the little birds.

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    1. Thank you! My only explanation for the squirrels behavior is that the battle between Gabby and the squirrels has escalated all summer and the squirrels have recruited the hawk and woodchuck to help discourage her presence in the backyard.


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