Thursday Photos and Matchups

Tennis vs. Ice Hockey – Definitely watching hockey and, in particular, the Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs, Washington Capitals and Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada.

Billions starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti vs. Homeland starring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin – This is too close to call, but Homeland currently has a slight edge over Billions and Damian Lewis gets a few extra points since the seasons he starred on Homeland were some of the best in the series.

Childhood games – Follow the Leader vs. Telephone – Was never a fan of either game, particularly follow the leader, but I do enjoy a good telephone conversation.

Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin  vs. Happy by Pharrell Williams – Another close contest, but Happy appeared on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack and my love of the Minions remains strong.

Real Time With Bill Maher vs. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Both are dear to my heart, but the British accent and humor of John Oliver wins this match and some days it would be wonderful to walk around and only speak British slang for the day.  A few favorites are mate, dodgy, bugger all, cheeky and ta.

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  1. jillslawit says:

    I speak British slang all the time. Ta for the post, mate, especially that last bit. Were proper funny.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bloody marvelous comment, mate, it made my day! Cheers!!


    1. Ta! Always enjoy your smashing comments!


  2. plaidcamper says:

    Everything I say is in a British accent! Sarf London when I get away with dropping my BBC radio voice that mother encouraged. I can’t use real slang here – most colleagues and students have no idea what I’m saying. When I get irritated, I descend into Basil Fawlty territory…
    Fun post!

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    1. Everything sounds better in a British accent, it doesn’t matter if it’s a proper BBC or south London accent! John Cleese is wonderful and it’s been years since I’ve watched Fawlty Towers. Really enjoyed your brilliant comment! Ta!


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