It was the second weekend in a row that I had to be dragged off the nature trails with my camera, when this time I could have easily stayed all day watching the young family of foxes.

The adult foxes were nowhere in sight while the young pups were playing at the park to a captive audience.  The introvert in the family was off exploring on her own, while

her three siblings were busy playing in the hay.  The oldest was keeping a watchful eye on the two troublemakers of the family.

The roughhousing began rather quickly after a challenge was made and happily accepted. 

The two of them were enjoying the tussle and biting too much to determine who won the fight.

The quietness of exploring the parks during the winter has been replaced with parks brimming with people walking, bike riding and enjoying picnics and the distant hum of laughter and conversations mingling with the birds singing along the trails.  The park is a perfect place for families to spend the day together and this family of foxes was so adorable that everyone wanted to adopt them.

22 Replies to “Young Foxes Playing At The Park”

  1. Dragged away from these wonderful fur balls? How disappointing. Hope you get to spend more time with them soon. Fox kits are a delight to watch. A few years ago a female had 6 pups under one of our sheds. She’d given birth just before we came home from an extended holiday — don’t know who was more surprised, her or us. My husband was putting some things away in the shed when he turned around to see her standing at the door. They stared at each other for a long time. Finally she must have figured it would be okay. She raised her pups there and to our utter surprise often left my husband as babysitter when she went hunting. We never tried to make pets of them but let them be their wild selves, watching them grow and become more confident. When they got too rambunctious for their mom, she often came up on our deck and curled up in a big plant pot so she could rest. Quite an adventure. 🙂

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    1. They were a delight to watch and I’m already trying to plan another day at the park. That must have been quite a surprise to discover a family of foxes had moved in while you were gone. How wonderful that you were able to watch them and that they felt safe enough to rest on your deck. We have had a few adult foxes stop by our bird feeder over the years, but this was my first chance to see young pups and I loved watching them play.

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