Monday Musings

Hand over the remote and biscuits and no one gets hurt!

The Week In Seven Photos

It was one of those weeks where I was reminded again to not ignore my mother’s wise ways. Walking through the market and admiring a fall display, I quickly fell under its spell and immediately put the Pumpkin Jack Hard Cider in the cart.  My mother has always questioned the autumn need to add pumpkin…

Weekend Memories

Cider and donuts, church bells ringing, and laughter along the sidewalk in the town that time forgot.

Weekend Watching

Harper was exhausted from her week of shopping, dining out and her first art festival, so luckily we were home on Saturday to watch all of the activity when the backyard visitors decided to throw their first party of the season. It was exciting to watch the rare Baltimore Oriole drop by and enjoy the…

The Week In Seven Photos

There were many beautiful moments to be found outdoors and we were lucky this week to have had two out of the four gorgeous days that we’ve actually had this rainy spring. Some were basking in the sun while St. Louis Blues fans were basking in the glow of the Stanley Cup. There’s always plenty…