A Moment Of Reflection

Don’t be scared to walk alone

Don’t be scared to like it

John Mayer – The Age Of Worry

12 responses to “A Moment Of Reflection”

    1. They have been a constant visitor this spring on all the trails.

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  1. Brilliant colours and reflections!

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  2. Great shots. It looks like his colourful shoulder pads are extended, especially in the second photo. Does he see his reflection as another intruder? That was the case with a pair of verdins that kept “attacking” the window of our RV. https://thelensandi.wordpress.com/2017/02/06/up-with-the-birds/

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    1. Thank you! His wings were incredibly bright and, unlike the verdins, he appeared to be admiring himself and enjoying his own company. Although, there was also a good chance there was something interesting floating in the water that caught his attention.

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  3. Very thought provoking, & a beautiful pic. ☺

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