My little linebacker is recuperating and doing well after surgery, but did not appreciate the fact that I thought her inflatable collar would make a good football photo for the kick-off of the college football season.  Since her plastic cone collar is keeping us awake at night, hopefully I won’t doze off during any of my favorite games this weekend.

Michigan vs. Florida – Saturday, 3:30 pm

Notre Dame vs. Temple – Saturday, 3:30 pm

Michigan State vs. Bowling Green – Saturday, 12:00 pm

  Ohio State vs. Indiana – Thursday, 8:00 pm

Wisconsin vs. Utah State – Friday, 9:00 pm

Alabama vs. Florida State – Saturday, 8:00 pm

18 Replies to “My Little Linebacker”

    1. We are definitely ready for some football and Gabby has returned to form, so there will be plenty of barking and cheering if Michigan and Notre Dame win. Already looking forward to next Thursday’s game and to my great surprise. I think I may have actually missed Tom Brady.🙂

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The first sign that Gabby does not feel well is she quits barking and thankfully her little attitude and bark has returned. The protective collars are driving her crazy and she has to wear them until her stitches are removed in ten days. She had to have a few growths removed and I was concerned about the one located on her eyelid and the fact that she’s had a rough summer. She has always had health issues and this summer she was very sick a few times, has lost her hearing and cannot do many things that she use to enjoy. I’m hoping with this procedure and the heat of summer almost over, that she will start feeling a little better.

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      1. Aw Gabby has had a tough time of it lately! I hope she soon feels more sprightly. 🙂
        Little Monkey had lumpies removed from her body and eyes a year ago – luckily most didn’t grow back and she’s as daft as ever, even tho 12 years old.

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      2. Thank you!🙂 Like Little Monkey, she keeps getting more lumpies, but hopefully they will not be by the eyes or where see can find them. I’m really hoping that when she recovers and the wonderful autumn weather arrives that she can have some fun outdoors.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Gabby will continue to be very spoiled as she recuperates and both of us are very excited about the return of football. It was the first summer that Gabby could not be outside with me for any length of time because of the heat and she will be thrilled we are indoors together watching the big games.🙂


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