Monday Musings

Self-Isolation Trend #7 The no sports trend has been going on for months and I’ve had a few different reactions throughout this trend.  First phase was during the initial shock where it was still too painful to watch ESPN, check my sports notifications or watch any replays.  Second phase included still not watching ESPN, glancing…

The Week In Seven Photos

I’ve always loved the wonderful seasons in the beautiful Great Lakes State, Michigan, but after wandering around and consulting with a few year-round locals and winter guests, it was a unanimous vote that this might have been the ugliest January weather on record.  As I’ve been going through my photo library lately, I was reminded…

Weekend Football

I’m trying to have hope that a week will make a difference to the chances of at least one of my football teams winning this weekend (San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens) since our weather has been showing me what a difference a day makes all week changing from clouds,…

Saturday Football

During College Football Bowl Season a favorite team hoodie is usually required, but with our warmest Christmas in 37 years and another record-setting warm day, it will be Notre Dame jerseys for both of us on this great Saturday football day. ESPN College GameDay – 9:00 am Notre Dame vs. Iowa State – 12:00 pm…

Rivalry Saturday

One of my favorite sporting days has arrived as Rivalry Saturday is upon us as the regular college football season winds down before the championship and bowl games.  These are some of my top games on a day with more than a win on the line. Michigan vs. Ohio State – 12:00 pm Clemson vs….

Saturday Sports

Saturday is usually all about College Football, but today will require flipping the channels to capture the best games of the day. Brighton vs. Tottenham (7:30 am) ESPN College GameDay Live in Florida (9:00 am) Iowa vs. Michigan (12:00 pm) Bowling Green vs. Notre Dame (3:30 pm) Auburn vs. Florida (3:30 pm) Minnesota Twins vs….

Saturday Football

Full Schedule Today!! Tottenham vs. Leicester City (7:30 am) ESPN College GameDay Live from Georgia (9:00 am) Michigan vs. Wisconsin (12:00 pm) Auburn vs. Texas A&M (3:30 pm) The Game of the Weekend – Notre Dame vs. Georgia (8:00 pm)