Upon the arrival of autumn, beautiful mums and pumpkins made their appearance throughout neighborhoods

while ghostly eyes silently watched from a distance.

During the record-setting temperatures and the hottest day of the year occurring in autumn, the cars were flaming hot

and I found some interesting characters to celebrate with over the great news of Bryce Harper rejoining the Washington Nationals lineup in time for the baseball playoffs and hopefully a World Series matchup against the Houston Astros.

I thought with the arrival of fall, I could finally begin looking toward the tree tops to photograph the wonderful colors of the season, but the trees were staging a protest and the leaves were dropping to the ground in unison.

Having to search for color along the ground instead of the skyline and crouching for a shot one to many times, my middle-aged back decided to stage a protest.

Hiding from the heat and resting my back, the majority of the photography week was spent grumbling over back spasms, trying to capture images at eye-level through tears from the overwhelming smell of Tiger Balm and watching The Vietnam War series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick and welcoming back favorite fall tv shows.