My mother has always said never wake a sleeping baby, and in my case, don’t wake your snoozing dog since it is the only time the house is quiet when you visit.  Even at this age, I never let Gabby be and she is soon running through the house barking.  I’ve discovered over the last few days that I should also just let the moon be.

The moon needs little help with its brilliant display, but somehow I thought the moon needed a little decoration and tried to capture it through the Christmas lights.

 I wasn’t defeated when the red lights failed and thought maybe the moon would prefer a little blue ambience.

While my attempts failed, I thought the Three Dog Bakery Christmas lights reflected nicely with the moon.

I know I am middle-aged now and have to adjust to many changes in society, but somehow I don’t think there will be a musician capable of replacing Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon with a modern version of Drone Me To The Moon.

Lesson of the week where snoozing dogs and the moon are concerned – let it be!!