An owl was watching me as I snapped this photo.

Watched the owl flying through the woods for the second time this week from this location.

I dragged myself away from looking for the owl to capture these frost feathers.

It was snowing in the woods as I was searching for the owl.

As you can see from this shivering squirrel, it was very cold while I was out looking for the owl.

Passed by this tree while hoping for an owl sighting.  I suddenly realized that I am tying myself in knots over not having a favorite football team for the NFL Conference Championships.  Luckily, I remembered I owned a jersey of my all-time favorite player, Brett Favre, from his brief stint with the Minnesota Vikings.  If they were good enough for Brett, they are good enough for me and I’m a Vikings fan this weekend.

Did I mention I saw my first owl in the wild last weekend???  Brett the Owl and I will hopefully be hanging out and celebrating a Vikings victory on Sunday!

20 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. I relish the week in seven photos always, ACI, thanks so much for this one. I was delighted to see you got to see the barred own again, I know you were concerned he wouldn’t return. And bravo for braving the woods in those frigid temperatures. I loved every photo, the snowflakes and the owl and the frosty feathers and the squirrel and the sparkly snow. My favorite is the last one, with the owl looking right at you. It’s brilliant. And what I liked about the snow photo was knowing the owl was studying you as you photographed. I had a good guffaw, too, at you digging out your Brett Favre jersey and figuring out who to root for. BF was truly a joy to behold on the field. I am pretty excited about today’s games, too. I know you’re not feeling this way, but I do think Tom Brady is a marvel, and Gronk and all the Patriots are my pick for the ultimate title. Have fun today, I know you and Gabby will.

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    1. Thank you and it was so much fun to briefly share my week with the barred owl!🙂 I have not seen him since the second sighting, but I keep listening and looking. We have had snowy owls spotted in our state and I’m ready to hit the road looking for owls.🙂🦉 I’m ready for the football games and would not be surprised even with stitches in his thumb, that Brady will throw six touchdown passes today. I always like to have a jersey to wear for the Super Bowl, so let’s hope the Vikings are playing the Patriots so I don’t have to buy a Brady jersey.😁

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