The Week In Seven Photos

Another night of trying to find a good location for a moon shot and realizing I will still be searching for a good location before the upcoming super blue blood moon on the 31st.

These cupcakes looked to good to eat, but I did not encounter that problem with my wonderful sugar cookie shaped like a mitten. 

I can’t pass one of these little libraries without snapping a photo!

It’s impossible for me to pass anything related to Ireland without snapping a photo!

The theme of the ice festival last weekend was games and I had to read the sign to discover that this high heel is a Monopoly token.  I always wanted the Scottie dog or car when I played Monopoly as a child and I was relieved to discover the high heel was part of the 70th Anniversary edition and not another thing I’ve forgotten about in middle age.

This was the only owl I spotted this week.

One beautiful sunrise amidst a week filled with rain and fog.