When we understand the flickering temporary nature of this world, then we understand the beauty of it.

On Yoga The Architecture of Peace (Netflix)

14 Replies to “Nature’s Beauty”

    1. Thank you and I loved how peaceful they looked in their secluded little spot.🙂 I have another pair that I have fun watching all summer, where she needs a lot of alone time and can be found wandering through yards and walking down the street while he patiently swims along the shore waiting for her return.🙂

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  1. I like that this wonderful quote is paired with a pair of mallards, ACI. Because the mallard, perhaps America’s most common duck, has a remarkable ability to look so different in varying light, and thus not common at all. The male’s neck can “flicker” from emerald to black to dark blue and back to emerald again in a minute; when all they’re doing is walking through tall grass looking for a little worm. Excellent photo and post my friend — I am happy to see you are being guided by the beauty of nature.

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    1. Thank you and it has helped getting back outdoors with the camera.🙂 We have had hundreds of different ducks visiting the last few weeks during their migration, but the mallards, who remain all summer, have always been a favorite of mine. Last spring sandhill cranes were occupying the nests at this lake and I was surprised to only find these two enjoying the solitude that morning.🙂

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