The Week In Seven Photos

It has been an extremely quiet week at home while Gabby tries to recuperate.  We are often dealing with her stomach illnesses, but this week she decided to double up on her recent stomach illness with a severe infection in her paw.  Most of the week she could be found resting in her favorite position with her new Minion baby socks.

Once she began to show little signs of improvement, there were walks around the yard carrying her and my camera.  Finally she was well enough for the stroller and we could explore the yard and admire the neighbors flowers.

All signs of winter have disappeared and the woods surrounding our home have turned a beautiful shade of green after those long bare months.

I’ve discovered Gabby loves to travel around the yard in her stroller and the squirrels still scatter when they see her coming.

On a good day we were actually able to add a few flowers to the bicycle containers under her supervision.

We were able to spend some time on the deck and finally by midweek you could hear the wonderful sound of her barking after the silence.  I’m pretty sure that the squirrels, deer and birds had not missed the barking.

My mother always told us while growing up to make a wish whenever we saw a cardinal.  Gabby needed extra get well wishes this week and I’m hoping this cardinal that landed near us, which is extremely rare, was delivering good news that our wishes were heard.