Those Great Color Vibes

Some days there are no answers to some of life’s questions and no easy fix to some of life’s problems.  I’ve thought I could fix things at different times, like this sprinkler head,

but I discovered again that there are some things I’m incapable of fixing.

While there is a trusted sprinkler repair person to fix this mess I created, sadly there is not a magical 1-800 life repair number.   

There was a time when I had so many theories and wanted so many answers, but now that I’m middle-aged I can honestly say that there are days that I prefer to be blinded by colors more than some of life’s truths.  While I’ve never been one to drown my sorrows, I can lose myself in those great color vibes.  I recently escaped to the colorful paint aisle at the home improvement center and this sign was painted with the colors sea glass, rich plum, island splash and coral isle.  Just saying the names makes me feel a little better.

Gabby’s still improving and her latest colorful bandage did brighten my day for a moment, although I must admit I’m not sure the color vibes improved her attitude after being sick this long.

While I’m not a fan of hot summer weather and prefer the cool breezes of fall, I love the color of summer.  Some days even those great color vibes of summer need an extra boost with colorful containers. 

I’ve also discovered that a double shot of those great color vibes can make you feel even better.