Love Is In The Air – John Paul Young

18 Replies to “Love Is In The Air”

    1. That deer has been wandering through the yard all day for about a month and even when we are out there with her she just saunters by with a glance. I think there is some unfair advantage to those tight jerseys worn by Uruguay that makes them faster than the other team.😁 Fantastic goals by Cavani and just like by college basketball bracket in March Madness, I lost one of my final four on the first day. Thankfully my bracket was completed with a pencil and I now have Brazil in the semi-finals and France beating Uruguay.😁


    1. I thought I had a good idea with the umbrella and song and then everything else fell apart.🙂 My niece was not in the mood to model for a photo. Gabby was in a bad mood either scowling or sticking out her tongue in every photo. The deer, who has been roaming through the yard all alone for a month, decided to join us and Gabby was no longer interested in posing after she spotted her and tried to jump out of the stroller. In the end, nobody was feeling the love in this photo shoot, but I loved the photo!😁


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