The Week In Seven Photos

Sometimes sports are a great way to escape the stress of life, but sometimes sports can contribute to that stress.  My mother has joined me in watching the World Cup matches and it has been mentioned to me that the added stress of the overtime matches has taken extra years off her life.  Both semi-finals game contributed to the stress level this week, but it was the England match against Croatia that sent us searching for relaxation.

A quiet spot with a book has always been a valuable relaxation escape for both mother and daughter.

Blue skies and flowers can always add a little cheer to a stressful day.

We immediately began searching for peaceful thoughts, but it took awhile for me to stop picturing Kane’s shot off the goal post from within two yards in the 2-1 loss against Croatia.

More thoughts of pretty flowers were needed when I mentioned to my mother that she is hosting a World Cup Final watch party for France vs. Croatia.

Some days you just have to shake off those stressful sports thoughts and appreciate the great moments and memories of a fantastic tournament.

Everyone has had a great time gathering to watch the games (except my mother during the overtime matches).

A period of deep meditation may be needed after another stressful weekend of cheering for England and France.