Sometimes sports are a great way to escape the stress of life, but sometimes sports can contribute to that stress.  My mother has joined me in watching the World Cup matches and it has been mentioned to me that the added stress of the overtime matches has taken extra years off her life.  Both semi-finals game contributed to the stress level this week, but it was the England match against Croatia that sent us searching for relaxation.

A quiet spot with a book has always been a valuable relaxation escape for both mother and daughter.

Blue skies and flowers can always add a little cheer to a stressful day.

We immediately began searching for peaceful thoughts, but it took awhile for me to stop picturing Kane’s shot off the goal post from within two yards in the 2-1 loss against Croatia.

More thoughts of pretty flowers were needed when I mentioned to my mother that she is hosting a World Cup Final watch party for France vs. Croatia.

Some days you just have to shake off those stressful sports thoughts and appreciate the great moments and memories of a fantastic tournament.

Everyone has had a great time gathering to watch the games (except my mother during the overtime matches).

A period of deep meditation may be needed after another stressful weekend of cheering for England and France.

21 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

    1. Thank you very much!🙂 Luckily we had a few days off between matches to regroup and relax. We should be in good shape by Sunday, unless the England/Belgium match on Saturday is decided by a penalty kick shootout. If that happens, I can almost guarantee at this point that my mother will make us leave early if the final match goes into overtime.😁

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  1. Great photos and commentary! I hope you and your mother enjoy the remaining games, and that they are full of goals and a result in regulation time. (I remember the third-fourth place game from Italia 90, when England lost to Italy – it was less about the result and more a celebration of the tournament and football. Wonderful match played with a smile and spirit. Really hoping the weekend games go like that!)
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you very much!🙂 I’m looking forward to the weekend matches with thoughts of joy and sadness. I’m thrilled France and England are playing in the final weekend, but I will be sad to see the tournament come to an end. It has been a wonderful tournament and we have had a great time watching the matches. I have discovered several new and exciting players to watch in the Premier League and I think I can convince my mother to continue watching football.😁 I hope Kane gets that hat trick he should have had in the last match and Sunday will be a great celebration of France between the best stage of the Tour de France and France winning the World Cup!!😁 Enjoy the weekend!🙂


  2. I’ve had to retreat to my garden during all the Football stress (not during matches of course) but will miss them now the tournament has finished. Time to take my flags down. Hope your mother has recovered from all this football mania. Wonderful shots as usual 🙂

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    1. Thank you!🙂 It is strange today to not have any matches to look forward this week. We were both thrilled to watch France win in a high scoring match and it almost made my mother forget those other stressful matches. My niece is already planning on us attending a match in 2026 when we host the tournament.🙂

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