The Week In Seven Photos

We’re halfway through summer and this week I felt like I needed some extra rest in order to make it through the second half.  I think the slight exhaustion has caused me to feel a little out of sorts and there have been days that I had the strange feeling I was trespassing in my own life.  

Gabby had her first walk this week after her foot injury and for her sake I told her the next curve in the path was a little to far for her.

My fatigue is probably because of the heat and humidity this summer, but it could possibly be related to my diet and I’m not getting enough protein in between the snacks and wine.

I thought about a balanced diet, but a day of quiet reflection was just what the doctor ordered and so much more enjoyable.

Maybe the lack of energy is from deer fly fatigue.  All I could think of when I saw this flower was that I wish I had a frozen snowball to throw at the next deer fly that tries to get stuck in my hair.

Some of the flowers and I are at a wilting point, but a week of temperatures in the 70s may rejuvenate us.

 I would have loved a close-up of this egret, but that would have required exerting energy by going out in the kayak.