The Week In Seven Photos

It was a week of hanging out with younger generations and marveling at their youthful enthusiasm and attitudes.  There are so many differences between the generations and my nieces and I have made an arrangement that I do not make too many cracks about the Millennial Generation and they do not refer to those in Generation X as old people.

My niece’s enthusiasm for blowing bubbles waned a little bit after the third location and slightly before my enthusiasm for trying to capture a flower and a great reflection in a bubble (never happened).

A wonderful day was spent walking around Ann Arbor with my niece before enjoying the Manchester United/Liverpool FC match at the University of Michigan stadium.

On that particular day, my niece knew there was no use trying to convince me to try a vegetarian restaurant while I was fixated on finding my favorite snacks.

I thought I’ve done a decent job spoiling my nieces over the years, but for some reason if there is a conversation about reincarnation, they always say they would rather come back as my dog.

I was thrilled to see the growing fawn who had not stopped by for over a week and I wonder how many miles she has traveled since she last visited.  My niece and I walked for miles in Ann Arbor and at one point there was a thought of calling an Uber, but I reminded her that her grandparents walked ten miles through the snow to school and we could make it across one college campus in the heat and humidity.

While grocery shopping this week I noticed that the Halloween candy was on display.  I think there is something wrong in the world that current generations see the summer displays dismantled by the end of July and replaced with Halloween displays.  On the other hand, my niece was excited because it reminds her that she has three months to finally talk me into going through a corn maze.