As we wrap up the end of August and, to many, the end of summer, I was hoping this week’s images would reflect a great end of summer vibe.  You might have read about Gabby complaining about the weather quite often this summer while I’ve tried to remind her about the calm and peaceful nature of the season.

Ok, maybe Gabby wasn’t the only one complaining about the summer weather.  I wonder if they did a poll of introverts if summer would be their least favorite season.  So many people out and about thinking that everyone wants to get together in hot sticky weather and socialize and all I can think is I can’t wait until it’s cold and everyone is hiding in their house again while I’m outside freezing alone on the lake.

I guess instead of a celebration of summer this is turning into a celebration that summer’s over.  I’m skipping with joy today at the thought of football and fall.

A new day, a new month tomorrow and the beginning of the college football season this weekend.  Big match-up this weekend between Notre Dame and Michigan and I wonder if I should wear my new Tottenham Hotspur football scarf for good luck after Kane’s great goal against Manchester United earlier in the week.

My ornery swan buddy shook his head in disbelief that I would make such a fashion choice of combining a Tottenham football scarf with my great Notre Dame jersey, but after looking through the fall fashion magazines, I was once again reminded that you can wear anything if you wear it with confidence.  I just need to remember from last season which one of my Notre Dame’s jerseys is the lucky one.

I was just saying to myself while I was kayaking last weekend what a strange summer it has been and then my bubble burst before 

I could reflect back on all those colorful and peaceful summer vibes.

22 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

    1. We had a gorgeous day yesterday and it was the first time since the beginning of summer that Gabby wanted to spend the day outdoors. No more complaints about the weather now that September and football are here (ok, maybe one or two more complaints😁). Enjoy your weekend!🙂

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  1. Another great collection!
    Kane scoring in August? Spurs will win the league (but only if Everton don’t!)
    Glad to read you and Gabby will be fashionably attired for the new fall sports season, and here’s hoping the weather keeps crowds down, but you’ll still get a few good weeks on the kayak and at the lake…
    Enjoy your weekend!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Kane could set a record this year with the early scoring (should have had two goals in that match). My teams are set with Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United (I may have to look for another team if Jose Mourinho decides to leave the team). Between the great college football, the match between Tottenham/Watford, the second season of Ozark and the new Jack Ryan series, I definitely won’t have time this weekend to complain about the weather. Enjoy your weekend!🙂


  2. Great summer-end vibing post and lovely captures. I’m excited college football is finally here too, waiting for Penn State game to start. Son is a PSU alumni; he, my 7 yr old grandson, my hubby, and my son-in-law have been there since early this morning tailgating; they’re walking to Beaver stadium now to enter. Sigh…..wish I could have gone! 🙂

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I love the opening week of college and pro football and I’ve been a Big Ten fan my whole life and hope it’s a great season for the conference. So far the games have been great, MSU won last night and it looks like Penn State will win.🙂

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