The Week In Seven Photos

I’ve never really been a superstitious person, but I was wondering this week if adding a few to my life might generate some positive energy.  I thought I would try the flower petal game and then realized when you’re middle-aged, what question do you replace “He loves me..he loves me not” with.

Let’s just say that the game did not go in my favor and I needed another flower with more petals.

I’m going to cross this off my superstitious list and consider having the lines of my palm read, but after being sent into a panic my entire life whenever it was mentioned by someone in the family that mercury is in retrograde, I’m going to stay away from supernatural forces.  Although, six planets were in retrograde this summer and that could explain all the bad juju.

In some cultures there is a superstitious belief to ward off bad luck by spitting over your shoulder and this adorable little bird may have inspired me to give it a try.

Wary and a little nervous about these superstitious vibes, I began to feel my heart flutter, which takes on a new meaning in middle age, but thankfully it was just the flutter of a hummingbird and not my heart.

At this point, I’m thinking it may be easier to just stare off into space and clear my mind.

Since, as I mentioned, I’m not really superstitious, I did however briefly wonder if the mourning dove that visited every day this week was an optimistic sign that my teams are going to win this weekend.  Just to be safe, I think I will still wear my lucky fan gear for the Tottenham/Liverpool, Notre Dame/Vanderbilt and Packers/Vikings games.