That is a bizarre title for someone who does not enjoy grocery shopping and who at one time in a distant single life shopped in the grocery and snack aisle at the local pharmacy, but there is always something fun to be found at the grocery store that was not on the list.

I can always manage to make my mother laugh when I help with her grocery shopping and I’m wandering cluelessly around the produce aisles and my husband would prefer I never went to a grocery store without a list because I can be easily influenced by some wonderful display.

A bottle of Leelanau Cellars Witches Brew and Ghost Pines sound perfect for the season. Β I’m one of those wine lovers that buys based on the labels and name and not the variety or grape. Β I’m too curious and always want to try a new bottle and for some reason that Instigator bottle also appeals to me.

When you’re stressed and unable to make it to your favorite bakery, a bottle of wine with a favorite dessert label can also help tremendously with any situation in life.

There must be some unwritten wine rule where you can never leave the store with only one bottle.

Usually by the time I’m done with the sweets and wine aisles I’ve lost the grocery list,

but I’m sure a box of Cap’n Crunch must be on the list.

16 Replies to “The Joys Of Grocery Shopping”

    1. I definitely can be influenced by all the marketing ploys!😁 I can be enticed by interesting displays, names and labels. Luckily, most of the time I enjoy the wine just as much as the label. If a food commercial contains a great song, I will soon be sampling that item or trying that restaurant. If they display one of the new Oreo flavors by the register, it’s guaranteed to be going home with me. Although, I can no longer be manipulated by all of the pumpkin spice snack displays.😁


    1. If it was up to me, the grocery store would always be avoided and all shopping completed at my favorite little market with a spectacular wine selection, fabulous prepared soup and a wonderful bakery. Really have no idea what they have in their other aisles.😁

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