The Week In Seven Photos

Wandering through the week, the “hello FALL” vibe was beaming from the delightful storefronts along Main Street

and inviting everyone to slow down, take a seat

and appreciate and smile at the charm of the season.

Gabby was feeling better by midweek and the house was filled with the sound of her barking once again and, in between barks, she was begging me to take her on an autumn stroll through town in her stroller.

Times have changed since her younger days of frolicking through piles of leaves in the yard and marching down Main Street,

but we enjoyed an afternoon of window shopping smiling at all the wonderful displays and passersby who were surprised to see a dog instead of a child in the stroller.

Our window shopping turned into actual shopping when we spotted the perfect shirt displayed in a wonderful storefront for pets and their people. Β I thought Gabby deserved a present after her illness and we needed new football gear for the big games this weekend between Notre Dame and Stanford and Ohio State and Penn State.