The Week In Seven Photos

I know it’s early October since I’m already behind on all my fall tv shows, my favorite baseball teams are all out of the playoffs and I awake each morning to a blanket of leaves covering the lawn, but the weather is telling a different story.  After a few days in the 80s and our 97th time this year that we hit 80 degrees (our fourth most on record) and, of course, the accompanying muggy mess, it definitely did not feel like October.  Instead of complaining (ok, maybe there was one or two comments) we went to the park where the fall colors let us know we were actually in October, even if the park had a summer vibe.

Walking around every colorful bend, we were greeted by walkers and bicyclists

and the occasional jogger.

The big birds were everywhere and willing to pose (also hiss at me when we were both surprised to see one another)

and some were just posers.

It felt like every time I turned around there was another wonderful opportunity to capture a beautiful bird surrounded by nature’s autumn transformation

and sometimes if I failed to see a bird, Gabby was more than happy to point them out.