Flames were dancing in the fireplace while I was watching the exciting Notre Dame victory and their team becoming a part of the College Football Playoff picture.

There was frost on the roof, but no frost on the pumpkin, just a squirrel.

We watched the turkey stop by for a drink,

the blue jays make an autumn visit for snacks and

I know it’s not polite to watch someone eat, but I could not resist.

Still watching the roses bloom and

the sun brighten everything beaming through the trees.

I watched a mixed reaction to my first pumpkin carving attempts in a long time with Gabby appearing unimpressed,

the deer who was too afraid to approach any closer

and the squirrels who were excited to be having a Halloween party

and one who was rockin’ a new hairdo for a costume.

30 Replies to “Weekend Watching”

    1. Thank you!πŸ™‚ Our local zoo has a smashing pumpkin event where they give pumpkins filled with treats to the animals and I thought I would try it with the backyard visitors. The squirrels loved it, but now the deer are only visiting during the night.πŸŽƒπŸ™‚

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  1. Hahahaha, oh this post really made me laugh. The best pumpkin carvings are the ones like this, the homemade ‘well at least I gave it a go’s’. Mine always seem to wear very cheerful, but very croggledy grins and look positively weird (but happy). Wonderful pictures πŸ™‚

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