The Week In Seven Photos – 50 Word Story

Turning the corner into October I thought the weekly theme would transition to fall colors, Halloween decorations and pumpkins, never imagining that the actual horror show would be the first presidential debate. We were making strides calming Harper’s nerves with peaceful scenes, but now we’re both suffering from sensory overload.

Themeless Thursday

I was reminded this week of many favorite things including my lifetime love of pizza, The Wizard Of Oz, great romantic movies/shows (Modern Love) and Jeff Bridges.

The Week In Seven Photos

Another year where I have begun my holiday celebrations quite early and am beginning to wonder if I’ll have enough energy to celebrate once Halloween arrives.  This week it was all about pumpkins (and a few skeletons) at the annual Smashing Pumpkins at the Detroit Zoo and it was a new experience to enjoy the…

Ageless Or Aging Musings #4

A woman may find herself over the years waving goodbye to a favorite miniskirt, smiling at the red dress in the back of the closet, never parting with memorable jerseys and cringing at the 80’s memories of perms and shoulder pads.