The Week In Seven Photos

It’s happened again, another favorite thing coming to an end.  One would think that by middle age the adjustment would be easier, but I can honestly say that after many years I still have not adjusted to the closing of my favorite local independent bookstore and market.  I have discovered that for a few sporting events in the area, tickets will only be accepted on your phone and they will no longer issue printed tickets (except, of course, for a commemorative ticket for season ticket holders) and for decades I have loved using my ticket stubs for bookmarks.

This weekend is the big football rivalry matchup between the Michigan State Spartans and Michigan Wolverines and I will be looking fondly at my 2001 MSU “Clockgate” ticket stub bookmark for one of the more memorable games in the series while reading A Superior Death, which I discovered on a bookshelf recently while trying to make room for new books.

I’ve about ran out of book space without adding more bookcases and soon may be spending more time at the library, unless we win that big lottery jackpot and then there will definitely be a library room addition to the house.

   Over the next few weeks I may need to take a beginners knitting class 

or spend more time outdoors enjoying autumn, since the phone will not stop ringing at home.  I have also discovered that the whole new generation of people who enjoy having their tickets on their phone, no longer have a landline.  This means that during election season that their phone numbers are not on the call lists to receive political calls from a vast number of sources and that those of us with landlines are receiving all their extra calls, all day and night.

One item that I have discovered over the years that I wish we had when I was growing up is the outdoor inflatable decorations.  I would currently have a few, but Gabby constantly barks at the displays in the other yards while driving around.