I missed the only color we had this week because I was at home hiding under the blankets after watching another horror movie recommended by my niece.  Thankfully she was happy to capture and share the beautiful colors with me in a week mired in gray weather.

Luckily I’m always able to take a little color with me when I finally venture out into the moody gray landscape.  I’m still hoping for blue skies and a white Christmas, but the odds are shrinking each day.

To escape this moody weather that was following me around, which is much better suited to my mid February winter mindset after the end of the football season, we decided a holiday walk through a great estate would brighten the day.

A roaring fire and Christmas lights and decorations everywhere immediately cast aside thoughts of the dingy scene outside and 

the next time we looked outdoors we were greeted with an amazing view filled with color.

Instead of ordering a sun lamp, I think I will spend more time than usual this holiday season standing next to beautifully decorated trees

that not only brighten the room, but everyone’s spirits.

16 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

    1. Thank you!😁 The decorations were wonderful and there were 50 dazzling trees on display. My nieces often shake their head and laugh at some of my fashion choices that they blame on the 80s, but at least I know on a rainy foggy day like today that they will always be able to see me.😁

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      1. There are plenty of fab places in Europe to visit, though I haven’t been to most of them. Parts of England are stunning too, and so interesting. Again I haven’t seen an awful lot of my own country first hand though. A month in Europe does sound like fun.

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