The Week In Seven Photos

It’s very rare around here to see motorcycles once the Christmas lights are glowing, but our snowless December continues and there is very little chance of a white Christmas.

The turkey stopped by to make sure we remembered to buy extra holiday snacks since he will be busy entertaining the other eighteen turkeys he has invited over to our house.

There was last minute shopping and admiring more window displays and Gabby let me know her stocking needed a few more items

and she would really love a flashing glow collar.

It’s been difficult at times to drag myself outdoors and away from the Christmas trees and cookies, but a few days of blue skies and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets made me forget the Christmas cookies for a few minutes.

At least Rudolph won’t have to worry about any snowstorms in our area next week,

but hopefully he can lead Santa to our home through the freezing fog.