The Week In Seven Photos

While I realize how important it is to stop and savor the special moments of the day, this week I found myself looking forward to changing the calendar from February to March. 

We are now less than two weeks away from Paczki Day (Fat Tuesday) and will be celebrating in less than a month St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring and the fabulous March Madness Basketball tournament.

In between the snow and rain events this week, nature teased me with thoughts of spring with two days of consecutive blue skies, lovely colors at sunrise, sounds of squawking crows and

the air filled with the cardinals song whenever their beaks were not full of birdseed.

There were several moments to stop and savor, including the super snow moon,

the backyard visitors feeling a little feisty,

and morning coffee with the lead turkey who arrives an hour earlier than the rest of the gang and keeps a vigilant watch to ensure a safe landing environment for his friends.