The Week In Seven Photos

There were so many moments again this week that I thought the chance for blue skies or completing my Week In Seven Photos post would only occur when pigs fly.

Thankfully I received inspiration from this flying pig to capture the photos and you may notice a very gray theme since the blue skies never arrived.

The gray and rain did not stop the little ones from enjoying the outdoors, although

I think there were a few that were not happy about the situation.

I wish I had a great excuse for my second week of photography struggles, but I’m finally feeling better and I wasn’t out on the court playing basketball all day, although I would have been happy to beat any challengers.

All I can imagine at this point is that Harper is wearing me out during her prolonged playtime and our failure to communicate over almost everything, including the fact that books, jerseys and my Lululemons are off limits for chewing. 

At least I’m not the only one with a communication problem.