The lazy days of summer are still officially a few weeks away, but I’m already mentally and physically knee-deep in lazy summer vibes.

I can’t blame Harper this week for my lack of motivation since she has kept me busy enjoying many walks with interesting walking companions

Β and beautiful flowers.

It’s possible I could blame my quest for the best breakfast and having cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’ve always believed in the motto “life is short, eat dessert first” and think that the perfect diet can be achieved through only ordering from the breakfast, appetizer (love stuffed mushrooms), dessert and drink menus.

All of this deep thinking is taking a toll on my lazy vibes

and it’s time to go back to aimlessly floating through the day.

22 Replies to “My Week In Seven Photos”

    1. Thank you!πŸ™‚ I have to confess that while I began the Stanley Cup Finals cheering for Boston since they are an Original Six team, I soon discovered watching all the pregame coverage that a favorite, Jon Hamm from Mad Men, was a big fan and my infatuation with him has transferred to the Blues.😁 I now wish I had recorded the pregame interviews and games so I could have combined that with the new season of Luther, starring the fantastic Idris Elba, so I would have something to watch all summer to help get me to football season.😁 Enjoy your weekend!πŸ™‚


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