The Week In Seven Photos

There were many beautiful moments to be found outdoors and

we were lucky this week to have had two out of the four gorgeous days that we’ve actually had this rainy spring.

Some were basking in the sun while St. Louis Blues fans were basking in the glow of the Stanley Cup.

There’s always plenty of time for random thoughts while paddling and floating around the lake watching the birds

and one such thought this week was my possible overuse of the word favorite (egrets are a favorite).  After much serious thought I decided a lifetime of cherishing favorite things could have begun from a subliminal message from childhood listening to Julie Andrews sing My Favorite Things or my older brother always telling us he was mom’s favorite (probably not a surprise that these adorable baby swans are also a favorite).

It was impossible to argue with him, since it was obvious to all of us that he was mom’s favorite.

No doubt you’ll continue to see many references to my favorite things.  These photos were some of my favorite moments from the week along with a few other favorite things like my Starbucks Frappuccino, watching sports teams or players win their first championship and cruising in the Jeep and at the parks with Harper.