The Week In Seven Photos

It’s been an exhausting week for little Harper who turned six months old.  She’s finally aware of the squirrels running around the yard and she spotted her first fawn of the season.  I almost missed the occasion since so far Harper is extremely quiet and failed to notify me that we had company, but luckily I happened to notice her standing by the door on alert with one paw up.

I thought we would celebrate us both surviving the first six months with our first ride in the Jeep this summer with the top off.  I was absolutely thrilled, but Harper only looked excited when we were going less than 25 mph.  She let me know on more than one occasion that she was not a fan of the windswept look and wants to know why I bother with my hair in the morning on Jeep days.

She has been letting me know in a number of different ways that our ideas of paradise are a little different and

that most days she would be quite happy to just stay home relaxing.

I have to admit that even though I’m use to the Yorkie attitude, it stung a little bit when Harper stuck her tongue out at me, but 

sometimes the strength in relationships are the differences

and imperfections.