Monday Musings

Hand over the remote and biscuits and no one gets hurt!

The Week In Seven Photos

I’ve had to think often about the great Jimmy Buffett lyrics “if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane” this week.  So, on a lighter note during these frightening times, my husband and I have been retired together for many years and one of the main ingredients to spending so much time together is that…

The Week In Seven Photos

It’s been an exhausting week for little Harper who turned six months old.  She’s finally aware of the squirrels running around the yard and she spotted her first fawn of the season.  I almost missed the occasion since so far Harper is extremely quiet and failed to notify me that we had company, but luckily…

Two Views Of The 2018 Woodward Dream Cruise

“Did you see that Tri Power Pontiac?”  Nope, can you believe I saw Elvis!!! “Did you see that Trans Am?”  Nope, did you see the Back To The Future car? “Did you see that amazing GTO?”  Nope, did you see the Ice Cream Man? “Don’t tell me you missed seeing that unbelievable Firebird?”  I must…

Numb – 50 Word Story

She stood braced against the piercing wind as each biting blast stung the tears streaming down her frozen cheeks. Engulfed in frigid desolation, she tried to remember the happy days spent on their bench beneath the now barren tree, but only bleak despair greeted her spiritless eyes and numb soul.

Fire and Ice

Keep things light Keep your worries out of sight And play it cool Play it cool Fifty-fifty Fire and ice Joni Mitchell – Be Cool


The phony smile remained fixed throughout the evening as she stationed herself near the french doors with a view of Lake Michigan and the grandfather clock across the room.  Each chime of the clock corresponded with a tightening grip on her wine glass, which seemed moments away from shattering.  The endless glass of Merlot and…