The realization that the wise days of middle age have arrived is when you spot a bad idea and you quickly bypass a youthful thought of “the best memories come from bad ideas” to the awareness that you wish all the bad ideas you encountered in life had shown up with a warning label.

There would not have been those lost days with your head buried or

hours spent seeking comfort in your favorite snacks as the full force of that bad idea had you

staring in disbelief because you thought it had been a good idea.

There are still many of those middle age moments that teeter on the good/bad idea conundrum, like the idea to sell all your belongings and hit the road in a Volkswagen Hotel Westfalia.  Hopefully the middle age rationalization process is far superior and quicker than those younger days as one tries to prove this is a good idea

while driving to a favorite market for a bottle of wine

and the bookstore for a travel guide.  Unfortunately for the lifestyle on the road idea, instead of finding the travel section first, you stop in the mystery & thrillers section where you are reminded of all the terrible things that can happen out on the open road and quickly the great idea to spend the weekend at home with a new book and watching the first college football game of the season sounds perfect.

14 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. haha Perfectly matched photos and prose. 😀
    But we all have to be a little crazy in our youth – it’s why we were young! 😀
    And yes – curled up in the comfort of home with a good book sounds perfect to me too! 😀

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    1. Thank you!😁 Some weeks have an instant theme based on the events of the week, but I’m really beginning to enjoy the weeks where the collection of photos create the story and who can resist a “bad idea.”😁 Looking forward to the football game and I’m afraid after reading the latest thriller I purchased I may be too afraid to leave the house let alone think about a road trip.📖😁

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  2. I think hitting the road in a VW Westie is an excellent idea, as long as one of the travellers is a handy mechanic. And there’s space for a beer/wine cooler and bookshelf.
    I’m going to settle down and watch Everton at Aston Villa a little later, so there’s the kiss of death…
    Have a good weekend!

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    1. The wine cooler and bookshelf would be essential, but after much debate this week and realizing traveling during football season is a very bad idea, I’m now hoping that in his next novel my favorite wanderer, Jack Reacher, gets picked up by someone driving a VW Westie!😁 I watched the Everton match and hope Scout needed a walk in those last fifteen minutes and saved you from the stress of seeing the ball hit the goal post and that last goal. Might be less stressful to watch Liverpool/Arsenal or the college football game tomorrow night. Enjoy your weekend.😁


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