The Week In Seven Photos

As we enter the last few days of August there is always a debate in Michigan if Labor Day weekend is the official end of summer and looking around this week it appears the trees have proclaimed summer is over while

there was a happy hedge that disagreed.

Even before the arrival of September, we have had the transition to enjoyable autumn beverages

and somehow I’ve already had a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte even though I’m not a fan.  I seem to fall in the camp that summer is officially over when I’m sitting in my favorite chair enjoying the new styles in the fall fashion magazines 

while watching a football game.  This will be Harper’s first football season and I’m not sure she’s going to understand that we only play catch at halftime and she really doesn’t understand why I can’t cut her bangs while she’s wiggling around so she can see the game.

We have had a spectacular stretch of weather for the end of summer, that even included a few hoodie mornings, and there is no doubt that we are far from the days spent out on the lake kayaking being in the rearview mirror.

In case you fall in the camp of those cursing the end of summer or happen to watch the political news, feel free to spend a moment at the Cursing Well.