Weekend Watching

Wandering through the weekend I watched as the transition from summer to fall marched on with probably my last butterfly sighting,

conversations transitioning from flowers

to apples

and the birds patiently waiting for the arrival of their fall feathers.

It was a full weekend of watching college and pro football and a few stressful games (particularly the Michigan/Army and Detroit/Arizona games) left some tailgate guests in need of a drink

and wondering how all the wings disappeared.

8 responses to “Weekend Watching”

  1. Very convenient way for the deer to get a drink. Also, nice that you were able to get a picture.

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    1. Lately we’ve been lucky to have the mother and two fawns stop by every morning and evening for snacks and a drink.🙂

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  2. Your photos are so beautiful.

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  3. Wonderful transitioning colours too. Now I’m a bit of a dope and I know corn dogs aren’t made of real dogs but what are buffalo wings made of?

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    1. Thank you!🙂 They are a chicken wing with a spicy sauce that originated in Buffalo, NY. There are many versions and my favorite is the boneless honey bbq breaded wings.🙂

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      1. They sound nice, thanks for clearing that up for me.

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