After being teased with hoodie weather recently I would normally spend a few minutes venting about the return of summer weather with storms and the dew point reaching 70, but this ornery freeloader let me know the conditions were worse for him and that he would appreciate a fan for his digs under our deck.

Luckily there was a somewhat cool and peaceful morning walking the city streets before the horrible weather arrived

and Harper endured new major experiences.  She still loves the security of the stroller as we wander with the camera, but for the first time she proudly escorted me down the driveway to take out the scary garbage can monster amidst the squirrels throwing dozens of their winter cone collection at us.  Then things went downhill quickly when Harper had her first scary encounter with a big leaf and the groomer (so far she’s refusing any photos until her hair grows a little).  

It was a scary week for me too after being terrorized by Pennywise watching the movie It.  After being inspired by brave little Harper, I was ready to face my fears again and see It Chapter Two this week, but then I discovered the movie is 169 minutes and I don’t think it’s healthy at my age to be scared for that length of time.  Harper agrees and wants a 15 minute grooming appointment in the future.

There were peaceful moments in between all the stressful situations with the mother and two fawns visiting daily and

beautiful flowers still decorating the city streets.

I’m not sure if it’s due to the strange year I’ve had or lately watching too many football games, but right now I’m struggling with trying to do something creative every day.  It will be five years of blogging in November and you may begin to see some changes along the way as I search for new creative inspiration.

19 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

    1. I hope your woodchuck isn’t a fan of loud music and has moved on to a new location!😁 After reading your comment, I’m trying to decide if I need to tear my deck apart to see what damage he’s caused or continue hoping he’s too lazy to cause trouble after eating all the birdseed.😁


  1. Congrats on blogging for five years. I really enjoy this blog, and I look forward to whatever you will be doing. And, yes, let’s hear it for creativity. What a dull, sad place the world would be without it. Wonderful, wonderful window with the foxes.

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  2. He is clearly a very successful freeloader! Not as scary as the clown in It, but I wouldn’t cross him…
    The first movie was very good, and I enjoyed reading the book back when it was published. The second movie does seem very long, and I think I’ll wait until I can watch at home.
    Harper is battling quite a few demons, but I’m confident she’ll win out – and maybe that story can be part of a new creative endeavour for you?!
    We’re getting rain with some extra rain this weekend, and I know we need it, but I wouldn’t mind some of the prolonged summer you seem to be enjoying/enduring.
    Have a good weekend!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Harper had a quick recovery after putting that scary leaf in its place, but she’s still recovering from the grooming appointment (ok, maybe I’m still recovering since I don’t recognize my dog😁). I think we may need to begin wearing helmets down the driveway to protect us from flying cones, since the squirrels appear to be as ornery as the woodchuck. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed It (even though there was probably 15 minutes too may in that movie) and unfortunately I will be waiting to watch Chapter Two at home. If I don’t start a slightly sarcastic middle age feature about things I no longer understand (like the need for a three hour movie), I definitely have plenty of stories and experience on how not to raise a dog. Our rain has finally ended and I’ll be happy to send any summer weather your way. Enjoy the weekend!😁


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