The Week In Seven Photos

Each new day lately reminds me that I’ve been a step behind everything this year. It doesn’t feel like we’re over halfway through September and each time I look out at the lake I’m surprised that another swimming dock or boat has disappeared from the water.

I almost could convince myself that it’s only the beginning of summer where the bikes are hitting the paths for the first time and the flowers are at the beginning of their season and not the end.

I love fall and winter and am not dreading the seasons, but I’m a little dismayed at how fast the years are going by lately. Are the fifties a decade where you want to dig your heels in a little at the quick passage of time and say give me a moment (or a few extra hours and weeks here and there) to appreciate this time in life a little more?

I don’t necessarily want to contemplate the big questions or what direction life is heading, but appreciate the gift of a day in all its simplest beauty

and natural charm.

I’ve often heard about the frustration that many feel concerning squirrels dominating the backyard feeders while I happily feed whoever stops by for a visit. Sometimes I wonder if my fondness for the squirrels is reinforced each year in late summer as I dodge pine cones falling around my head in the driveway and finally see the squirrels delightful winter stash being prepared. I’m reminded that the changing seasons of life should be embraced for the many simple, unique and wonderful patterns that tend to be appreciated more with the passage of time.