Themeless Thursday

Down on Main Street, where restaurant goers were still enjoying outdoor dining as summer weather continues, conversations might have included mention of the end of the baseball season for Bryce Harper and the Phillies against rival Washington Nationals…the early disappointment in the Michigan football season…the exciting beginning of the Fall TV season with early favorites, Prodigal Son and Stumptown…the fabulous Brendan Gleeson in season three of Mr. Mercedes…and, of course, the beginning of autumn with falling leaves and impeachment in the air…

11 responses to “Themeless Thursday”

  1. That little free library is enchanting. Jotted down the names of the shows to add to my TBW list.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 These are a few of my early favorites and I’m excited about a few more that I haven’t seen yet.🙂

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  2. Awesome! I love impeachment in the air!

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  3. Impeachment, hmmmm, I wonder? Does Main Street have a Trump scarecrow?

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    1. We can’t scare the skeletons and scarecrows with talk about politics!😁

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  4. Another cute little library!
    Brendan Gleeson is a fine actor, and I really, really hope I’m related to him – my Dad is an orphan, all he knows is he has siblings, and there aren’t that many Gleesons…

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Harper and I enjoyed another episode of Mr. Mercedes today and I was excited to tell her that our favorite blogger, with his great Irish storytelling skills, might be related to one of our favorite Irish actors!😁


      1. This absolutely made my day – thank you!
        I like that I was born in London, and spent many happy years there, but a part of me wonders if the universe messed up, and I was meant to have been born in Dublin? If we were still living in London in these Brexit blighted days, there’s no doubt I’d be applying for an Irish passport if at all possible.
        Ah, Brendan, now there’s a good man. I live in hope that the phone will ring, and it’ll be Uncle Brendan saying he’s meant to have been in touch, and should we go for a pint?

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        1. Wonderful comment to begin my day and don’t forget before you have too many pints to ask Brendan for an autograph for me!😁


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