The Week In Seven Photos

There was a moment this week when I wasn’t sure how this weekly series would unfold and I briefly wished “enjoyment” wasn’t part of the blog title (it would have been so much easier just to rant a little).  Luckily an afternoon out with Harper and the camera came to the rescue and I was quickly reminded of the wonderful elements of a good life and that I needed to hurry home to my new Patti Smith memoir, Year of the Monkey.

Once I was ready to look at the week a little differently, I could enjoy the good life of flowers still blooming along the river,

fawns stopping by for a visit,

summer/autumn breezes ruffling my hair,

swan races,

a seagull grudgingly sharing the lake with boaters

and bad, bad Leroy Brown making sure no boater dared to enter his lake as he’s the baddest swan in town.