The Week In Seven Photos

There was a moment this week when I wasn’t sure how this weekly series would unfold and I briefly wished “enjoyment” wasn’t part of the blog title (it would have been so much easier just to rant a little).  Luckily an afternoon out with Harper and the camera came to the rescue and I was quickly reminded of the wonderful elements of a good life and that I needed to hurry home to my new Patti Smith memoir, Year of the Monkey.

Once I was ready to look at the week a little differently, I could enjoy the good life of flowers still blooming along the river,

fawns stopping by for a visit,

summer/autumn breezes ruffling my hair,

swan races,

a seagull grudgingly sharing the lake with boaters

and bad, bad Leroy Brown making sure no boater dared to enter his lake as he’s the baddest swan in town.

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  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Scary to have a swan after you – yikes!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. He’s been so mellow all summer that I thought his permanent bad attitude was over, but this week he has let everyone know he’s back to his bad, bad attitude ways. Enjoy the weekend!😁

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  2. Oh, do I ever know what you mean! So much to rant about this week. But your lovely photos are timely reminder that no matter how much craziness we must endure in this country, there is still beauty out there. My favorite is the big, bad swan. Don’t mess with him.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 It was a week of rants about sports, politics and life, but I was glad an afternoon wandering with Harper improved my attitude. No such luck with the swan, his bad, bad attitude was on display again today.🙂

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      1. Love his bad attitude! A reflection of the way many of us feel right now?

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  3. plaidcamper says:

    It’s good to let off steam with a little rant every now and then! You should have heard my Basil Fawlty directed at the “help” line of MasterCard earlier this week…
    Swans are beautiful, but I’ve often found they are a bad tempered bird. Glad you’re back to a more life is good vibe, and hanging with Harper can only raise smiles and improve things overall.
    Here’s wishing you a great weekend ahead!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The attitude has improved (still a few rants lurking) since it’s impossible not to laugh at Harper and the fantastic John Cleese in a few Fawlty Towers clips that I haven’t watched in years.😁 Surprisingly we have always had a peaceful group of swans except for Leroy Brown and I have to admit it was kinda nice to find someone with a worse attitude than me that day. I’m staying away from the news today and hoping for no sports rants with Notre Dame and Tottenham winning and Everton playing a great match with a win against Man City, since that team gives me a bad attitude (ok, there will probably be a little rant or two today).😁 Enjoy the weekend!😁


  4. Laura Denise says:

    Such beautiful images! And a lovely change of spirit. 🙂

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  5. jillslawit says:

    Haha love all the pictures. Bad bad Leroy swan is funny. He’s glowering a bit. Maybe he has opinions on sport and politics and is feeling rather ruffled.

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    1. Thank you!😁 I met my match that day when Bad, Bad Leroy Brown let me know he was unimpressed with my bad attitude as he glowered at me for almost an hour! I was afraid to ask him if there was anything in particular he wanted to rant about, since I think I might have been at the top of the list.😁

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