Themeless Thursday

Themeless Thursday

I wish I owned this coffee mug and had a few truffles…I wish I was still a Washington Nationals fan…Even though it was Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) story, I wish there had been more Walter White (Bryan Cranston) flashbacks in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie…As the tall grass blows and bends, I wish I had not watched In The Tall Grass…I wish I was optimistic that Manchester United could beat Liverpool this Sunday…Some days I wish I had a ghostwriter for this blog…

16 responses to “Themeless Thursday”

  1. Looking forward to watching El Camino, and I’ve read good things.
    Is In the Tall Grass worth seeing? Seems to have mixed reviews, but the source material is promising, to say the least.
    And maybe MUFC will surprise you this weekend?! Maybe not…

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    • I had issues with both movies, but while the Breaking Bad gang could overcome a few of my issues, the same cannot be said of In The Tall Grass. I should have read the novella by Stephen King and his son instead.πŸ™‚


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