Ageless Or Aging Musings #7

Ageless Or Aging Musings #7

How times have changed, I remember the excitement of Blockbuster Video carrying microwave popcorn back in the ’80s.

10 responses to “Ageless Or Aging Musings #7”

  1. Hmm, each to their own I suppose…
    Stores seem to be popping up all over – my biggest worry is the number of people driving under the influence, or unaware they are impaired.
    Going to the video store was such a big deal back then, arguing with friends over which terrible title to choose!

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    • Loved all those visits to Blockbuster and I’ve been watching American Horror Story: 1984 (which included a character working at a video store) because of my niece and we’ve been busy laughing at β€˜80s culture. Although, there are times I believe she’s laughing at me more than with me.😁


  2. I remember traipsing a mile in my wellies to the nearest video shop in thick snow and down a steep hill and traipsing back again with some naff rental video which hadn’t been wound back thus adding precious minutes to preparing our viewing pleasure.πŸ˜‚

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