The Week In Seven Photos

Dear Santa, this is one of those rare years where amazing Apple and photography products are not on my Christmas wish list and instead I’m seeking assistance with a few things.

After weeks of extremely gray skies, rain and only a few snow showers, we are in desperate need of a new weatherman to guarantee a white Christmas for you and some sunshine for us so we can determine if it’s day or night.

After a year of my bicycle gathering more dust than miles or beautiful flowers, a gardener or fitness trainer would be helpful, but

luckily there is no need to worry about a dietician since I will never promise to eat my broccoli.

I sent a special letter through express mail concerning all of the dire political assistance needed since

we seem to have an extreme lack of responsible adult behavior.

One finalย request from the squirrels, they have brought to my attention a few behavioral issues with Harper and, before things get out of control, would appreciate a dog whisperer immediately.