Saturday Football

During College Football Bowl Season a favorite team hoodie is usually required, but with our warmest Christmas in 37 years and another record-setting warm day, it will be Notre Dame jerseys for both of us on this great Saturday football day.

ESPN College GameDay – 9:00 am

Notre Dame vs. Iowa State – 12:00 pm (check on Tottenham vs. Norwich City during commercials)

Memphis vs. Penn State – 12:00 pm

Oklahoma vs. LSU – 4:00 pm

Clemson vs. Ohio State – 8:00 pm

6 responses to “Saturday Football”

    1. Thank you and it’s always fun when your teams are winning!🏈😁

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  1. Hmm? Norwich?! Hope the other games turned out better!

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    1. Thankfully Kane (on his quest to score against all teams except Everton) saved the only disappointing game of the day!😁


  2. I hesitated to ‘Like’ this one but that puppy is just so dang cute. I’m a Cyclone fan and was sorely, sorely disappointed in how poorly our team performed on Saturday. Ugh! Oh, well. We had a pretty good season otherwise!

    I also love watching college football and all the bowl games. Pro football is fun to watch but can’t match up against NCAA sports, IMHO.

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    1. Thank you!😁 I find my Saturday football much more exciting than the pro games and still cannot believe the season is almost over. As much as I enjoy watching my favorite teams win, I always hope for a close game and was surprised at the scores of a few of the games.


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